5 common mistakes newbies make with the Vitamix blender

For newbies.

You are just starting to use the Vitamix blender, which is great.
I have to tell you a few things. Because many people make several mistakes at the beginning. This is all for new Vitamix owners, for beginners.

Observe the ratio.

Sometimes you might think that your car is defective.
99.5% of these machines are not sent for service.
Thus, half of one percent of these machines are ever claimed under warranty.
So your car is probably working properly.
Most likely, you need to add some more liquid; so keep the ratio.
Semi-liquid, semi-solid.

Follow the download order.

Follow the boot order. So remember to add the liquid ingredients first.
Fleshy fruits, greens in the middle, and then frozen foods. Place ice, frozen fruits last.

 Also don’t be afraid of your Vitamix.

This is a powerful machine.
Use it at high speed.
It is designed for high speed use.
It starts the fan and it really makes it work better.

Also don’t be afraid of tamper.

Also do not be afraid of tamper; help stir, get there in the corners with a tamper.
Press the ingredients into the blade. It was made for this.
And the tamper will never touch the blade.

You need to use your Vitamix.

Also I know that you are very excited and probably made Vitamix do everything:
Smoothies, juices, peanut butter, hummus, ice cream, hot soup, flour, batter, slices.
All items.
You will have this thing for years to come. Go slowly. Try everybody.
You need to use your Vitamix.
Feed him. Invest things in it and use it as a tool to achieve your goals and improve.

If you fail to make a brown smoothie, you won’t be able to figure out how to make peanut butter.
if your soup is not as hot as you expected, if you do not use it as often as you hoped,
if you failed, it means the information was helpful.

7 Vitamix recipes to cook first.

You have Vitamix.

Very good. May I give you some tips on what you should do first!
Do this first.
Green Smoothie: Frozen Mango, Greens, It’s That Simple. So good.
Next, make green juice.
This is slightly different from a green smoothie. Yes, you can juice with Vitamix.
This is what we do, our spicy green juice. Every morning, every morning.

Okay, now that you’ve mastered green smoothies and green juice, you need to make a hot soup. So make tomato soup. This is a handful of ingredients. Turn it on for six minutes. From the beginning to the end. Burning hot soup in your Vitamix. Tomato soup. Dip any sandwich in it.

Okay next.
Try nut butter. Make it really easy for yourself. Go to the nuts section of the grocery store and buy a box of roasted peanuts. Drain them into your Vitamix. Use a tamper. Press them into the blade.
This will take one to two minutes. You will have fresh peanut butter that you have never tasted before.

Then you will make ice cream.
You are not going to make any ice cream you are going to make Frosty Wendy style.
The simplest thing. And the best thing in the world. Frosty.

And then finally you’re going to do something
not only for yourself, but for the people with whom you live. Make breakfast!

When you’re just starting out, be sure to follow the recipes. This will make life easier.


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