Blendtec vs Vitamix Review

Blendtec and Vitamix are two of the most famous brands in the blender world. Both are renowned for their durability, practicality in the kitchen, and powerful mixing abilities, but we still want to know which is best. And Vitamix has been a staple in commercial kitchens for years, so we were very curious to know which one is the best.

Blender Blendtec

Blendtec and Vitamix are some of the most elite blender manufacturers in the world, and their prices reflect this. Before spending about $ 500 on a blender, consider your true needs. Yes, both of these blenders can potentially replace a few gadgets in your kitchen, but if you only want to blend an afternoon smoothie once a day, it might be worth exploring other options. This does not mean that these blenders are of little value to many consumers. Many customers are people who are tired of changing blenders every two or three years. Some of them have gone through so many alternative blenders that buying a Blendtec or Vitamix would have saved them money in the beginning.

Motor1560 watt typicallyTypically 1380 watts
Blade 2-prong4-prong
RPM range4080-28,000500-37,000
Height15"17.5” or 20.5”
JarsBPA-free quart Twister jarBPA-free 64 oz, 48 oz or 32 oz.
Capacity64-96 oz.32-64 oz.
Warranty7 years7 years

Construction quality / design features

In terms of design, the Blendtec is shorter and wider, making it easier to store in most kitchen cabinets. Vitamix has a much stronger industrial appearance. Its front side is dominated by a speed control knob, flanked by an on / off switch and a high / low level switch.

Blendtec looks more casual and stylish with a blue LED screen and push-button interface. These buttons provide quick access to the 10 presets available for blending and make it easy to change the blender speed yourself.

Compared to Vitamix, Blendtec looks downright futuristic, but that doesn’t necessarily make it better. For example, the speed change on the Vitamix is ​​much faster because all you have to do is turn the knob. However, as we said above, the Blendtec LCD screen gives you the ability to quickly prepare smoothies, purees or soups. Neither approach is strictly “best”, it is simply a matter of personal preference. Most of the chefs we know prefer the dial-based Vitamix controls because you can use it without looking at it, or more precisely where you press.

Besides the controls, blenders are very similar. Both are well built, have a solid feel, and have rubberized feet that help absorb the vibration generated by their motors.

One of the main disadvantages of Vitamix is ​​that they require you to purchase a separate container / jug for dry food. As stated above, this essential accessory equates the Vitamix with Blendtec’s price and poses additional challenges in terms of storage space and the need to move out a separate container for dry goods.

Blender Vitamix

The standard pitcher size has also changed: Vitamix still has a 32 oz container, while Blendtec still has a 64 oz container. We can’t say that a larger container is necessarily an advantage, most people will be completely happy with a 32 oz jug, but it’s worth keeping in mind when shopping, especially if you’re buying a blender for making soups. or other large meals / drinks. It should be noted that Vitamix sells larger jugs for their blenders if you want to eventually upgrade.


Blendtec offers you the ability to change the mixing speed with three buttons – Up, Down and Pulse, which allow you to switch between 10 speeds. Vitamix gives you a little more flexibility with a knob that allows continuous adjustment and a high / low level switch. We love the Vitamix tamper, which helps you push food through as the blades spin. Tamper pads are unnecessary, but they can be incredibly useful when chopping frozen foods or foods that are long and brittle.

Look at the raw mixing properties, both of these blenders gobble up fruits and vegetables recklessly. If you read reviews that say one of these blenders is “unconditionally” superior to the other, that’s not true. They are both great blenders. We have noticed that both of them can have minor problems with very viscous (thick) things, but much less problems than any other blender on the market. Plus, each of these blenders will slice, dice, and chop as much as you like.

After you’re done mixing, each blender goes through a very simple cleaning procedure. Because of the smooth inner surfaces of the containers, every blender almost never requires more than passing water through them and letting them dry. Blendtec recommends pouring water into a container and pulsing for 10 seconds. Basically, cleaning isn’t annoying, and it’s not really rocket science.

Noise was a problem with both of these blenders. Admit it, when you have an engine as powerful as some lawn mowers in your kitchen and the blades are spinning at 200+ mph, it certainly won’t be quiet. Having a conversation when one of the blenders is running is annoying, we recommend leaving the room and closing the door. Fortunately, these blenders usually don’t need to run for long periods of time, so the duration of the noise is not that great.

Of the two, Blendtec was definitely quieter, but not much.

Final thoughts

These are the two main consumer blenders on the market, and each company has invested millions of dollars in their development and marketing, so much of the decision comes down to personal preference. Blendtec is available in 3 colors (black, white, red) and Vitamix is ​​available in 4 colors (black, white, gray, red). Blendtec is slightly shorter for easier storage.

The main difference between them is control schemes. Blendtec uses an LCD touchscreen display with presets for various speeds, plus buttons for increasing, decreasing and pulsing. Vitamix selects dial and high / low level switch. As we said above, chefs often prefer the watch face because it’s easier to operate when you’re in a rush, but many consumers love the presets on Blendtec.

If you don’t plan on mixing dry foods, Vitamix will be cheaper because you don’t need an additional container for dry foods.

blender vitamix 5200

Blendtec Wildside

Both blenders impressed us with their raw power and chopping ability. They represent a separate class for consumer blenders and are far ahead of their competitors. Ultimately, the choice between them will come down to several design options. In truth, you won’t regret buying any of these. If you are interested in more information, real user reviews, or purchasing any of these blenders, please follow our links for the Vitamix 5200 or Blendtec Wildside.


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