How to make a green smoothie with the Vitamix 5200 blender

Way to make a mango and cabbage smoothie.

Let’s show you the right way to make a mango and cabbage smoothie. Great start. An excellent foundation. We are moving towards excellence.

Layering method.

So, I really want to highlight the layering method.
Therefore, when you mix smoothies, you never need intervention. Often times people will clog and it’s all about how you load it, and of course it’s the liquid to frozen ratio.
But the rule of thumb is liquids, soft ingredients, you can make leafy greens and seeds, we’re going to
to show you the seed clue.
Dense food. And then ice and frozen fruit on top.
The key is that as you build up, you create a liquid foundation. And this vortex, so all your dense food and ice is pushing the intermediate ingredients down so that everything hits the blade.
So no matter what recipe you make, if you follow it, you have a good mix.
And use them as a reference.
You know the best smoothie is called Smoothie From Your Fridge.

So, first we add fresh homemade almond milk. Super creamy. And then, after the liquids, do you remember what happens next? And then Soft Things. Soft ingredients, we have half an orange, so I’ll put them there.
Just be careful when putting your fingers inside the container.
Ok, make sure it’s not turned on.

We have honey here. I guess it can be considered liquid, then down.
And then we put in our leafy greens to make fresh cabbage.
Finally, frozen fruit or ice. If you wanted to put ice in, I would just cut down on the amount of frozen fruit. No need to add a glass of ice on top
frozen fruit because the ratio would be wrong. And you would use a tamper and do
Frozen, you know, vegetarian dessert.
It looks like I want to think about it through a straw.


Again, we have liquids: our almond milk, we have our soft fruits there, our banana and our orange, our leafy greens, and then our dense and frozen, which was on top of the mango.
You know, you buy, you get frozen fruit at the grocery store and throw it in the freezer, you don’t need to use ice. And it is not going to dilute it. You will get more flavor.
I want to point out that this is just a combination of variable speed ramps. So, a lot of people, maybe they are timid, they are using Vitamix for the first time, keep in mind that your Vitamix is ​​a racehorse, he wants to run at heights, runs optimally at heights, so you always make smoothies at a high level.

30 seconds.

Usually such a fresh smoothie takes, I don’t know, 20 or 30 seconds. If you are compacting a lot of greens, maybe you have such dense things as cucumber, celery, carrots, tons of possibly frozen mixed berries, you want to run it closer to 45 seconds.
In fact, how do you know when it will be done? We want to make sure the greens are crushed, and you will see among the seeds that there are quite a few, maybe microscopic little pieces, but the flax seeds are pretty much crushed.
For those who are afraid to use high speed, I would say face the fear and do it anyway.
Because it’s better for the car, better for the mix. And it will be worth it when they try this smoothie.

Model 5200 Vitamix.

So what I’m going to do with this, I’m just working with a standard model commonly known as 5200, I’m going to turn it on, I’m going to increase it to variable ten, and then I’ll put it high.

So we talked about this slow ramp up, maybe they have pre-programmed settings, they’ll do it. for them, raising it to the maximum.
We’re just trying to create a liquid base there so that the frozen mango can push everything out.
our intermediate ingredients down.
When I reach the top, I will see a beautiful vortex. Whenever you see a whirlwind, and we point it out, you know what you can add to a smoothie. So we have flax seeds, I actually going to throw them. And what a lot of people don’t know is that their lid stopper is a two-ounce measuring cup.

So we turn it back on, increase it to ten, put it high, and when we see this vortex, we add this flaxseed, and when it’s done, we going to put it back in a variable, reduce it to one and turn it off.
This is a kind of initiation process into the Vitamix family. But you do it, it will go everywhere. To prevent this from happening, we always turn it off, so what if you bump into it or forget to add something when turning it on is not up to par.
I will remove the cork from the lid and add the flaxseed. He will go straight into the whirlpool.
It turns out a pleasant, thick, juicy mixture. Juicy. Juicy smoothie Flaxseed is not stuck on the sides of the bowl. Everything is completely shredded. It looks amazing. Green cocktail. Simply great.

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