How to Make a Smoothie Bowl in a Vitamix 5200 blender

Smoothies with the Vitamix 5200 blender.

Today I’ll show you how to make a smoothie bowl with Blender Vitamix 5200.
I am so excited for today’s story because up to this point I have used my Auto IQ Ninja blender for all other articles, but since then I got this new blender – this is the Vitamix 5200. And I am that
excited about it i was able to make so many smoothies and smoothie bowls and nut butters and all that you
can do so much with this blender and so today I will teach you how to do it.
Smoothie bowl with this blender, we list all the products
which I took in the description below. I created a smoothie starter kit that you can get down to business and
start making awesome smoothie bowls now.

I don’t know how this Vitamix 5200 blender compares to other Vitamix blenders because this is the only one I’ve ever used and I understand that this Vitamix blender is more expensive.
The reason I love these blenders is because they are heavy duty and they are durable, they also have a seven year warranty, so these things last a long time.
You will see as soon as you start using that it is
quite aggressive and therefore for me it is
worth the investment. Because not only can you make smoothies, but you can also make soups, peanut butter, frosting, hummus – there are hundreds of things you can do.
just with this blender now. Because this is such an expensive blender we have, better take care of it.

Maximum output from Vitamix 5200 blender.

And so today I will tell you something that can help you get the most out of Vitamix 5200. The first thing you should pay attention to is the load, the order. When you load food, it is the liquids from the containers that should go first. Because this is the first thing that the blade strikes, if it strikes something hard like frozen fruit or ice cube is more likely to break and damage the blade. Don’t you want that? You want the loading order for your containers to be our liquids first, then soft foods, then solid foods.
So: 1. liquids
2.soft foods
3.hard foods
Soft foods like leafy greens, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, yogurt, anything soft that can be easily mixed. Then put your ice on top, your frozen fruit, your frozen vegetables, things will get harder to go straight to the top. This also helps because
your frozen food will be heavier and so it will help push anything soft at the bottom of the container against the blades. Blades are going to help you get this wonderful smoothie mix.
Therefore, liquids are first soft and then solid. The procedure is as follows.

Use the tamper Vitamix blender.

The next thing to know is your tamper. This is probably your greatest friend. The difference between this blender and my ninja that I have used so far, or whatever
a different blender because this is something that can help you shift the ingredients and make sure everything is blended nicely and well without the need to add liquid. So all you have to do is take that little top of the blender lid and it actually doubles as a measuring cup. It’s great! You can use this right here as a measuring cup for liquid. This is one ounce. You can fill this cup and pour it out if you are making drinks or
cocktails, it’s kind of a handy little trick.
And never use your tamper directly into a blender. If you do this, it will be an error. I once made that mistake, and the tamper was torn because it hit
blade, and blade, as if chopping plastic. You only use the tamper when the lid is already closed on the container and then the tamper fits just right. The best way to use this is to press down on the four corners of the container. This way all the food gets to the blade and it helps any air, pockets that might be down there, preventing everything from mixing. So when you push out of the corners, all that food gets into the air, the pockets go away, and then everything will be mixed really well.

Blend on high.

The next thing to know about your Vitamix 5200 is what we want to mix with
high speed. Now I know this blender is already
pretty intimidating how loud it is. Again these blenders are very aggressive and when you turn it to maximum
this noise can scare a lot of people. I heard my blender – it’s not good, it shouldn’t sound like that. How to know that everything is in order, how your blender should sound. Like that, but what you don’t want to do is leave it average. Because if it grinds at medium speed for a long time, overheat and then your blender will
will turn off automatically, so that’s good. The peculiarity of these Vitamix is that they know when it will overheat and because it does not want to break down, it will close the machine off. But best of all
when you turn it on, run it low just to get it working, then turn it up to high and mix like that using your tamper to push the ingredients out of the corners again. It will sound very loud and it will be scary, but it won’t really take that long. And if you keep pushing things down, whoever you are
the creation will really get mixed up quickly. The best thing about these high settings is that it actually
allows fruits and vegetables to be blended enough so that you can digest vitamins and nutrients better well.

Fill level Vitamix 5200

One more thing you need to know before we start making our smoothie bowl, how much do you fill it with. You always want to fill your container about two-thirds of the way up. If you don’t put enough ingredients in it won’t work properly, and if you put too much it won’t work either. So you just want to fill it up about two thirds of the way don’t go above that maximum line and you should be fine.

Vitamix 5200 recipe.

Now let’s make a smoothie bowl. Take all ingredients.
Smoothie Bowl Recipe:
– splash of almond milk
– 1 frozen banana
– handful of frozen butternut squash
– 1/3 cup frozen riced cauliflower
– 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
– 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
– 1 tsp cinnamon
All the correct liquids are the first thing we put in the container. Start with unsweetened almond milk.
You just need a little, you don’t need a lot, because Vitamix mixes it really well without a lot of liquid.
Our key is as little liquid as possible. Further
add some different frozen fruits and vegetables. It’s butternut squash, banana, and then everyone thinks it’s weird, but I love frozen rice, cauliflower doesn’t look like
anything but adds no thickness, and extra volume without excess sugar. And then I’ll make 1/2 cup
frozen blueberries, and a measuring spoon
Vanilla Protein Powder I love the Vegan.
Vanilla Sprout Protein Powder, but
you can use any protein powder you like. Or you don’t even need to add it at all. And then I’ll add some cinnamon, I don’t know why, but this
sounds really good now. And cover with this nice Vitamix blender lid. We have prepared a mixture. Let’s get it on and remember, we will start at low speed and then quickly go to maximum, and then use our tamper to put in all the ingredients as I explained earlier. When you turn on the blender, it will soon become valid
loudly, and you will understand that the smoothie preparation process took about a minute.
Actually, now the most interesting thing is that we get to decorate it now. Put everything in a bowl.
The smoothie bowl and topping is my favorite part of making a smoothie. Bowls are the nicest thing
ever. Now let’s decorate the smoothie. One of my favorite ways to decorate kiwi smoothie bowls, so I
love doing little zigzag cuts on kiwi.
When you’ve disassembled the kiwi by cutting it in half in a zig-zag fashion, look how beautiful it is!
It will turn out to be art, so we’ll stick with
it’s right here. And now I’ll just decorate the smoothie with some fruit. So take strawberries and slice them as high as a mountain, and then scatter them. It would be nice to do next to the kiwi,
of course, the colors red and green now contrast nicely. Add some blackberries and really, in this part you can do whatever you want. Get creative, you will love how it is shaped. Take some raspberries and use raspberries for the next colored line.
Follow a line like a cool little squiggle pattern. Now we’re going to make some granola along the side, you can use whatever granola you want it doesn’t matter. I always like a small amount
coconut, because it makes it super beautiful.
Here is the finished product – how beautiful! And how delicious!

How to clean Vitax 5200

The last little trick I want tell you with your Vitamix 5200 how clean it up. It’s really cool because these blenders are so easy to clean. Make it a little warm water and dish soap and then we’re going to mix this up high so
the blender is self-cleaning. Pretty make it about 30 seconds, and you see that all the soap has washed away the residue. And we just have to pour it out and rinse and our blender is clean.

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