Overview with the Vitamix 5300 blender test

This will be an overview of the Vitamix 5300 blender.

This is a Vitamix C series blender, so it is the old generation and the next
generation will be – 7500 model.
I’ll start my review by looking at the box. Vitamix 5300 blender – we have made of lightweight plastic. People complained about the interference that this plastic is not as good as the old one that comes with the 5200 Vitamix – it’s Tritan plastic. Further, the low profile container is 64 ounces.
It is wider and much shorter than the container supplied with the Vitamix 5200. Instructions are also included in the box.
Next, we look at the motor. Actual motor unit, motor unit. Approximately eight point seven point five tenths of an inch seven point two tenths of an inch, which is relatively compact.
And now we put our Vitamix 5300 on a standard worktop. This table top has 20 “shelving over it. And then the light block is just under 18 inches. It really matters if our Vitamix 5300 blender fits in our kitchen.
The low profile nature of the 5300 is the main reason we get the 5200 instead. It fits right under that lighting.

The Vitamix 5300 blender features.

Let’s look at the features of inclusion. So, there are two parts: on / off. The first system is a switch. The second is either a pulse or an on / off button on the right side. We now see the Vitamix 5300 working. The audiometer next to it is not a completely scientific test, but let’s try to pour water into a jug and turn it on so you know how loud it turns out at an ambient level of about 45 dB on this device. And when it reaches 97, so it gets pretty loud for indoor installations.
It is worth noting that the Vitamix has a new generation product – 7500, which is quieter than 5200 or 5300.

Mixing products.

Now let’s look at mixing products.
One of the biggest questions people have when researching Vitamix blenders is if they should get something like this KitchenAid or something that costs half the price. Let’s see in the test.
KitchenAid with its system is not up to its task of mixing apples. Vitamix 5300 is a blender that has a lot more power and rotation speed completely liquefies it. So it’s a really big difference that for some people a higher investment will justify, and not only that. Investments have also increased.
Obviously, the Vitamix blender is a lot louder than the KitchenAid, it is also a lot more, and has some of its drawbacks, for example.
The Vitamix blender container is not dishwasher safe, which is one of the biggest findings I have received from reading some of the warranty information.
But you can see that there is a large piece of apple left by another blender. This will not happen with the Vitamix blender.
There is a serious amount of power right now and it is really tearing the apple to shreds. As the test continues, the apple will be completely liquefied.
So we will see that there is really a big difference in mixing between the two apples that I messed up.
Also, we can still rotate the mixing speed by several levels, but we will save your ears, realizing that this thing is still being rotated.
What’s interesting to know about this. The fact is that the Vitamix 5300 blender is properly cooled, so the higher you run it, the more cooling is provided through the bottom to the motor.
Better not to run it at low speed for a long time. Don’t put it in a higher range if you have a lot of mixing to do it – this way you won’t burn your motor block.
So here’s what you can expect from a higher tier blender – a fully blended apple. We now understand what the Vitamix 5300 blender is. The point of this review is that the Vitamix is ​​a really great blender.
The Vitamix 5300 blender has some disadvantages though.
Especially the wider container, which works well in some circumstances, but struggles when you use small items like nuts. The 5300 Vitamix wide mouth container is a great option to fit into your closets, but it really struggles when dealing with small ingredients or sticky ingredients.
I’m trying to make almond oil and it just can’t be. The vortex is set, so everything sticks to the sides, here the rammer helps a little, what he really needs is more material or some liquid.

But making some green juice from fresh vegetables quickly with vimax 5300 turns out great. Such a liquid medium is fine, but it’s kind of a struggle, and the material starts to make green juice. Vegetables are truly fibrous, and that’s where the extra power of this blender really matters. Adding ice to such a drink, which is a classic example.


Overall, I would say the Vitamix 5300 is a really great blender.
You just have to know what you are getting yourself into:
wide-necked profile,
container low
the profile part is excellent,
but extra width to compensate for the reduced height.
And yet sometimes getting to 64 ounces is a pusher that’s not ideal for mixing small sticky ingredients.
Everything about the motor block and the rest of the parts and specifications and all that is really a great choice.
I just recommend that you buy this and have verified that you are getting all the quality.


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