Which Vitamix blender to choose: 5200, Pro 500 or S30?

Are you convinced of the exceptional qualities of the Vitamix blender and want to acquire one for making smoothies, soups, sorbes, sauces and other healthy culinary preparations? From the 3 products in the range available, you now have to know which Vitamix to choose according to your situation and the use you want to make of it.
Here is a summary presentation of the different models of Vitamix blender:

Blender Vitamix 5200 or Super TNC 5200

Vitamix 5200. Marketed for many years, the Vitamix 5200 has proven to be robust and easy to use.
It is equipped with a 2 HP motor and delivered with a 2 liter bowl (BPA free) in its basic version.
In its Super TNC version, a 0.9 liter bowl is added, to make preparations in smaller quantities.

Very easy to use, it has a “High / Variable” button:

In the High position, the engine runs at full throttle and the blades at maximum speed. If you let it run like this for a few minutes, the friction of the blades will heat the food.
In the Variable position, you can operate the variable speed drive to adapt each use to your needs, and vary the speed during the same preparation

Blender Vitamix Pro 500.

Blender Vitamix Pro 500. The Vitamix Pro 500 takes the basic characteristics of the Vitamix 5200 (power, dimensions, etc.) but adds functions that are widely used in the professional environment and by intensive users.
By selecting only one of these programs, you can let your device run on its own to achieve the desired result. The device will turn off automatically.

These are the additional functions of the Vitamix Pro 500:

the independent Pulse function (to give a boost to the mix at a given moment), and 3 pre-programmed buttons (smoothie, frozen dessert, hot soup).
the smoothie function will give you the smoothest texture for your fruit or vegetable preparations
the frozen dessert button will allow you to transform your frozen fruit into delicious sorbets
the Hot Soup program will allow you to enjoy soups heated by the friction of the blades, but still raw from a nutritional point of view (with conservation of nutrients).

Blender Vitamix S30

the Vitamix S30 is a smaller model (15 x 37 cm) but just as powerful as its predecessors.

It comes with a 1.2 liter bowl, and a 600 ml “gourd” bowl.
The 1.2 L bowl is ideal for making preparations for 1 to 2 people, while the 600 ml bowl will quickly become essential to take soup, smoothie or healthy drink with you.
Its pouring spout will allow you to consume them on all occasions. It is also the Vitamix blender of choice for making preparations for children and babies, who will benefit from their first meals of the unique texture of purees prepared with Vitamix.
Its dimmer button allows you to choose the mixing speed and vary it according to the operations. Its Pulse position will also allow you to crush ice or grind coffee.

Finally, with its 6 colors, it will inevitably find its place in all kitchens, even the smallest!

The Vitamix S30 blender is available in 6 colors: chrome, black, red, cranberry, green, cream.

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